15 Foods to Avoid With High Blood Pressure | Does it Include Your Favorite Food?

High blood pressure is a major chronic disease. One that can last you for a lifetime. People suffering from hypertension may feel multiple symptoms arise, making day-to-day activities hard to get through.

Plus, given that there’s no real cure for it, the only way to suppress these symptoms is by focusing on what you eat and maintaining a proper diet. That is why in this blog, we’ve listed out the top 15 Foods to avoid with high blood pressure.

What Are The 15 Foods to Avoid With High Blood Pressure?

As hard as it is to cut out your favorite foods from your diet, sometimes it’s necessary to take these steps. It’s even more crucial if you or your loved ones suffer from hypertension. Even the AHA (American Heart Association) has gone on to say how important it is for high blood pressure patients to lower their sodium intake. Given how the average sodium intake in a day should be 1,500 to 2,000 mg for someone with hypertension, the amount should be much lower.

Although it can be a bit overwhelming measuring the sodium count of every food item you eat, with our compiled list of what to avoid, you’ll have most of your work carved out for you.

  1. Alcohol
    Alcohol can clog your blood vessels, especially if you have more than a glass. It’s best to avoid drinking as much as you can.
  2. Canned Food
    Canned foods are packed with preservatives and high levels of salt that allow them to last longer, making them extremely dangerous.
  3. Condiments
    No matter how finger-licking good the condiments and sauces are, they’re still potential triggers for your blood pressure, causing it to shoot.
  4. Deep Fried Foods
    Deep-fried food is bathed in a lot of oil, which is terrible for your cholesterol and cardiovascular health.
  5. Fast Food
    The reason fast food tastes so delicious is because it’s slathered with sodium and trans fats. This is why it’s better to minimize your fast food intake and avoid it altogether if possible.
  6. Fatty Foods
    Foods that have a high fat count can cause a lot of risks. For instance, it can clog your arteries, leading to a heart attack, among other serious health issues.
  7. Confectionery Items
    Everyone has a bit of a sweet tooth, but eating sweets in excessive amounts can be terrible for your cardiovascular health.
  8. Frozen Meals
    When it comes to food, convenience always matters. But did you know frozen meals have extreme levels of sodium and preservatives in them?
  9. Instant foods
    Try holding back on those instant meals. Not only are they comprised of harmful preservatives, but they also have excessive amounts of sodium packed into them.
  10. Pickled Foods
    Everyone loves pickles. But no matter how yummy they are, being submerged in pure vinegar and salt is not exactly the best food to have.
  11. Processed Cheese
    Fresh cheese can sometimes be good for you, but processed cheese, on the other hand, is nothing but harmful.
  12. Processed Meat
    Whether you call it deli meat or lunch meat, all these slices of processed meat are nothing more than solidified stacks of sodium, making them awful for your health.
  13. Refined Carbs
    Refined carbs are the ‘bad’ type of carbohydrates. This includes food items like white bread, pasta, rice, etc.
  14. Salty Snacks
    Snacks are essential for daily munching. But they’re not the best option to consider if they’re high in sodium.
  15. Soups
    Readymade soups that come in tinned cans, powdered form, or even soup mixes are easy to make but horrible for your health. Mainly because they’re loaded with sodium and preservatives.

What Now?

Long story short, dealing with high blood pressure isn’t exactly easy. You have to cut down on most of your favorite snacks and meals. Most importantly, you should really avoid the 15 foods mentioned above, especially if you suffer from high blood pressure. Nonetheless, as important as your diet is, so is your overall routine. To get the best out of your health, reach out to NorthWest Cardiovascular Clinic at (281) 807-5253 today!


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