5 Tips To Unclog Arteries and Deal With Atherosclerosis

October 15, 2022
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Diet has a direct impact on cardiovascular health. Teens and young adulthood are when the person is at optimal physical health. That is why we are not careful about dietary intake, which may result in plaque formation in the heart vessel. So, how can you unclog blocked arteries?Let us first look at what arterial plaque is.

Arterial Plaque - Atherosclerosis

In this condition, plaque builds up in the inner hollow of the artery. Plaque in the cardio world is not like that in the dental; there are no bacteria or a film-like layer. Instead, it is a collection of fats, calcium, cholesterol, and body waste.When this waste sticks to the artery's walls, it narrows the space for blood flow, i.e., atherosclerosis.The blocked arteries go hard, and there is inadequate blood flow to the heart and other CVS parts. Once our immune system detects their presence, it sends in white blood cells to unclog the arteries, causing inflammation.

Can You Unclog Blocked Arteries Naturally Without Surgery?

Surgical Intervention to unclog or reduce plaque in arteries is deemed the most appropriate way to deal with the situation, as the dangers involved in this condition are grave.However, here are some ways you can manage/ reduce plaque buildup inside the arterial walls:

Top 5 Methods to Unclog Arteries

Follow these tips for management or prevention:

1. Dietary Modifications

Diet is crucial for a healthy lifestyle. Incorporating food that may clean your arteries is what you need. Good fats, or so-called unsaturated fats, are beneficial for your diet. Some food that is abundant in this include olives, fish, avocadoes, etc.Other changes you can make include the following:

  • Reducing sugar intake
  • Eat more fiber
  • Do not consume trans fats

2. Exercise Regularly

Exercising is your best bet to unclog arteries loaded with plaque. Special cardiovascular workouts such as cycling, jogging, swimming, or brisk walking can show enormous effects in reducing heart risks and helping clear blocked arteries.

3. Put That Cigarette Out

Smoking tobacco-based cigarettes tends to accentuate the size of the fats and plaque blocking the artery. Not smoking will elevate high-density lipoproteins, which are suitable for the body.

4. Proper Medication

Only modifying food choices and exercising alone cannot successfully unclog the arteries. You must make use of dedicated medicinal drugs to work appropriately.For atherosclerosis, statins – a drug class, are used for maintaining cholesterol levels. Meanwhile, ACE inhibitors aid by lowering blood pressure, and antiplatelet medicines prevent the blood from clotting up.

5. Surgery

Three possible surgical interventions to unclog the arteries include:Stent placement processA stent is a small tube that may or may not contain the desired medicine. It is placed in a clogged artery to maintain blood flow.Bypass surgeryIn this operation, new arteries taken from other parts of the body are moved to make an alternate pathway for blood. So, rather than using the clogged arteries, blood will use the unclogged ones and reach its target destination.Balloon angioplastyBalloon angioplasty can successfully clog blocked arteries by opening up the hurdle with the help of a device. It pushes the plaque to the sides of the arteries.

Final Words

Diet and exercise are great to unclog an artery; however, they are not enough. Medicinal or surgical aid will help decrease the risks of developing multifold cardio issues. We recommend getting a consultation from one of the best cardiologists at Northwest Cardiovascular, dial (281) 807-5253 to connect with us.

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