Normal vs Abnormal Echocardiogram – A Guide

August 15, 2022
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Determining echocardiogram results is better when left to the professionals. They can easily tell the difference between normal vs abnormal echocardiogram results. We suggest you save yourself from the wrath. However, a little info on the subject is always beneficial. Let’s have a look at some basics.

What Is An Echocardiogram?

An echo graphically represents heart movement; and the device that makes this happen is known as an echocardiogram. Its main purpose is to generate real-time images of the working heart. With the help of high-frequency sound waves, the cardiologist collects images of the heart using a handheld wand; it goes through the chest to give results during this test. With these real-time pictures, the heart function is tested. You must not confuse an echocardiogram or echo for short with ECG. ECG records the heart’s electrical impulses and does not give out images; instead turns the results into the form of lines to show the work.

Normal Vs Abnormal Echocardiogram

The results of an echo show real heart images that indicate its functionality. Whether or not it is working normally or if the things are on an abnormal end etc. One of the things you can see via these pictures are the walls. They are abnormal if they measure more than 1.5 cm in thickness from the echocardiogram. This much change from the normal range clearly indicates high BP - blood pressure, weak and damaged heart valves. Moreover, if the cardio wants to know the pumping function of your heart, an echo can be used to determine if there is adequate flow or not.Left ventricular ejection fraction is the level of blood released from the heart per beat. Cardiac output is the amount of blood pumped out each minute. The total of which is 4.8 to 6.5 liters.

What Does An Echocardiogram Tell Us?

More often than not, patients come to the doctor with complaints about the shortness of breath and persistent chest pain. This serves as an indicator to test for a better look at the heart.Size of The Heart The heart size is one of the major things that is meticulously examined. This is done because an enlarged heart clearly tells if there is the presence of a disease or not. An echo shows the area of your right or left ventricles and atria cover to understand whether the size is normal or abnormal. Strength of ValvesEF or ejection fraction tells how well the heart is pumping blood. It is a value expressed in percentage, and according to the echocardiogram normal range lies between 55 to 70%, while any level up is abnormal.


Do not try solving troubles related to the heart yourself; always go to a doctor immediately. You never know which negligence may result in fatality. Head to Northwest Cardiovascular for an examination by one of the best cardiologists in Magnolia, TX.

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