Why Are There Restrictions While Wearing Holter Monitor?

April 30, 2023
5 min read

Your heart skipping a beat is just a phrase to express love; however, in real life, it is something that needs immediate attention. If you have a Holter monitor attached, there are certain restrictions you must adhere to while wearing one.

10 Restrictions While Wearing a Holter Monitor You Should Adhere To

Do not worry about the things you can’t do while wearing a Holter monitor since cardiologists usually place it for a span of 24 hours only. This is done for getting accurate data even while you are asleep. Here are some restrictions (things you can’t do) while wearing the Holter Monitor:

1. Keep Your Holter Monitor Dry - Skip Showering For a Day

You must keep the monitor dry since the monitor is an electronic device. Water damage hampers its functioning, leading to inaccurate results. It is best to skip showering or swimming for the time being. However, if the monitor does get wet anyhow, it will affect the diagnosis.

2. Steer Clear From Magnets

A Holter monitor works on sending electrical impulses that are affected by magnets. The accuracy is doubtful, which can cost your life. Stay away from magnets or magnetic items, including MRI machines or even magnetic jewelry.

3. Stay Away From Metal Detectors

Such detectors have electromagnetic fields that interfere with the signal transmission; this, in turn adversely affects the accuracy of the recordings.

4. Do Not Use Electronics

Electrical items with high-voltage power to throw off electromagnetic fields that which malfunctions your monitor. The list includes items like electric toothbrushes, blenders, microwave ovens, etc.

5. Keep Devices Like Cellular Phones or mp3 Players 6 Inches Away

In this day and age, can you survive without a cell phone? Not really! You can use your phone only while keeping it away at least 6 inches from your body.

6. Steer Clear of Electrical Wires

Avoid electrical wires especially those that are plugged in since it may send you in shock.

7. Sleep on Your Back

Sleeping on your back rather than sideways helps the Holter monitor from moving or shifting from its place. It has electrodes attached to your chest with adhesive pads. Sleeping on the side causes them to skid off, which affects the accuracy of the readings.

8. Do Not Get an X-Ray Done

X-rays are harmful for your Holter monitor; therefore, if in any case you have to get your x-ray done, either wait to get it off or let your radiologist know about it.

9. No Smoking or Drinking

Your heart works differently under the influence of alcohol or smoke which leads to inaccurate readings. Nicotine and alcohol interfere with the heart rate resulting in an inaccurate diagnosis.

10. Steer Clear From Caffeine

Caffeine fastens the heart and causes the Holter monitor to read inaccurate impulses. It changes in heart rate and rhythm; therefore, it is best to avoid drinking beverages that are loaded with caffeine while you are wearing one. Just hold on to it until your device is off.

Final Note

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